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LPGA Women Who Play Reminders

LPGA Women Who Play Member Survey

LPGA Women Who Play sent an email with a link to a brief 4-question anonymous survey to all members on Thursday, May 17. If you haven't taken the survey already, please take a few minutes and click here to complete the survey.  The survey covers questions on benefits and our new name.  

LPGA Women Who Play Golf Department News

The LPGA and LPGA Women Who Play have partnered with Hotel Planner to assist with your lodging at the Chapter Semi-Finals. Just click on this link lpgawomenwhoplay.hotelplanner.com and scroll down to find your event. 

As a reminder, the Cup Regional and District Semi-Final Registrations are open. There is still room for additional Cup teams in the Atlantic, Great Lake and Northeast Regionals. 

Have questions or need assistance?  Contact Meaghan.Francella@LPGA.com

It's Okay to Wear Your EWGA Logo'd Apparel 

Many members still have EWGA logo'd apparel and other items that are still in good condition. Even though we have a new name and logo, please feel free to wear and use your EWGA gear. We stand proud of who we are today, but never want to forget where we came from! 

New LPGA Women Who Play logo’d items will be coming out soon as we await our Store’s opening in the online LPGA Pro Shop!

Upcoming Events

Don't Miss These Events
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May 19th
Par 3 Challenge

June 2nd
Match Play Mixer
(Registration is open)

June 24
Chapter Championship
(Registration is open)

July 14th
Chapter Championship Semi Finals

July 21st
Chipping & Getting Out of Sand

August 11th
Mystery Bus
(Sold Out)

July 25th
Skills Challenge

September 8th
Rally for the Cure


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LPGA Alliance - A Message From Chapter President Paige Durkee

What an exciting time for our organization! We’ve already had a few events and the energy and excitement were palpable! And then today there was an official announcement about the alliance between the EWGA and the LPGA. A new name and a new logo are only a few of the changes. We anticipate that this alliance will do so much to help us to encourage more women to join us and to help our sport grow. We also believe that this will open up many opportunities in ways we can’t even guess. We will continue to hear more over the upcoming weeks and months. We also know that in most ways, we will still be the chapter you joined, participate in, and support in so many ways. The events you look forward to will continue!!

Your Board of Directors feel strongly that this alliance will bring only great things to our chapter and we unanimously supported it. Please watch the recording of the live announcement and feel free to pass on your suggestions and questions to any one of us. We may not have all of the answers yet, but we are committed to making sure we communicate all that we can - both to you and back to the LPGA! Facebook Live Announcement In the coming weeks we will update our logo and website.

We look forward to continuing to serve you and providing you with plenty of opportunities for
fun, connecting, and of course - golf!

Honored to serve you,
Paige Durkee
LPGA Women Who Play - Cincinnati Chapter

About LPGA Womemn Who Play

LPGA Women Who Play is the largest women’s amateur golf association in the world. Formerly known as the Executive Women’s Golf Association, the organization maintains 12,000 members in over 100 local chapters. It also hosts more than 7,500 local and national activities every year, including social outings, league play, networking opportunities and competitive amateur events such as the LPGA Women Who Play Championship and LPGA Women Who Play Cup.

Through the LPGA Foundation and LPGA Women’s Network, LPGA Women Who Play creates a seamless transition for women looking to go from aspiring player to recreational golfer and serve as an advocate for positive change within the game. To learn more and join our community, please visit  LPGAWomenWhoPlay.com or follow us on Facebook.com/LPGAWomenWhoPlay, Twitter.com/WomenWhoPlay and Instagram.com/LPGAWomenWhoPlay